Monthly Digest

Decree Monthly Digest – April 2023

Decree Monthly Digest is a summary of the most significant legislation issued in the previous month.

Royal Decrees

Six royal decrees were published in April, with the most significant being Royal Decree 19/2023 Promulgating the Maritime Law and Royal Decree 23/2023 regarding the Marriage of Omanis to Foreigners. The remaining royal decrees involved an amendment to the Law on Combating Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropics Substances and the declaration of public benefit status for the construction of dams in Bawshar, Al-Kamil Wal Wafi, and Liwa.

Ministerial Decisions

24 ministerial decisions were published in the Official Gazette during this month, with the most significant ones being APSR’s Water and Treated Water Supply and Wastewater Collection and Transport Services Customers Welfare Regulation, APSR’s Regulation on Accident Notification in the Water and Wastewater Sector, MOCIIP’s Regulation Governing the Practice of the Activity of Consumer Cooperative, MOSD’s Governance Regulation for Practising the Profession of Psychological Counselling and Family Counselling, and MHUP’s Decision Granting Small and Medium Enterprises Usufruct Right to Lands Owned by the State.

Blog Updates

Our blog featured a commentary article by Riyadh Al-Balushi titled “Is ChatGPT Legal Under Omani Law” exploring the relationship between copyright law and AI training, and an article by Mohamed Al-Tai titled “Five New Provisions in the Omani Maritime Law of 2023” outlining some of the key changes introduced by the new Maritime Law, along with a number of law updates on the new Maritime Law, APSR’s Accident Notification Regulation, APSR’s Water and Wastewater Customer Welfare Regulation, MOCIIP’s Consumer Cooperatives Regulation, and MOSD’s Psychological and Family Counselling Regulation.