Law Updates

APSR Issues Accident Notification Regulation

The Authority for Public Services Regulation has issued the Regulation on Accident Notification in the Water and Wastewater Sector that imposes obligations on providers of licensed water and wastewater activities to report certain types of accidents to the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority, APSR, and the chairman of the board of the service provider.

The regulation classifies accidents into serious accidents (ones that involve death or injury), significant accidents (ones that involve certain types of service interruption), and serious incidents (incidents that are likely to result in a serious or significant accident). It also includes obligations relating to the minimum information to be included in the notification, obligations for producing preliminary and final accident reports, obligations for sharing information with other licensed service providers, obligations relating to the person responsible for the site of the accident, and obligations relating to record-keeping.

APSR has the authority to impose administrative fines against those who violate the regulation amounting up to 20,000 Rial Omani.

You can read the regulation in full in English on the link below: