Law Updates

APSR Issues Water and Wastewater Services Customer Welfare Regulation

The Authority for Public Services Regulation has issued a new Water and Treated Water Supply and Wastewater Collection and Transport Services Customers Welfare Regulation that sets the obligations of water and wastewater service providers towards their customers. The predecessor of APSR, the Electricity and Related Water Sector Authority, issued a regulation for electricity sector customers in 2020, and this regulation follows an extremely similar approach for water and wastewater sector customers.

This regulation sets the obligations of service providers in the water and wastewater sector such as the obligation to provide a service agreement in the Arabic and English languages, an obligation not to discriminate between customers, and an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information they collect.

The regulation also provides a detailed complaint mechanism procedure, outlines the process for service disconnection, determines billing details, and grants APSR the right to impose administrative penalties of up to 20,000 Rial Omani against service providers who violate this regulation.

You can read the regulation in full in English on the link below: