Law Updates

MAFW Issues Executive Regulation of Veterinary Medicines

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources has issued the Executive Regulation of Veterinary Medicines, which is issued pursuant to the Law of Veterinary Medicines of 2017.

The regulation is based on the GCC Executive Regulation of Veterinary Medicines which was approved by the GCC Agricultural Cooperation Committee in 2011.

The regulation provides the specific details regarding licensing and registration of veterinary medicines companies and factories, the duration of the licence, the requirements of the application, general specifications regarding factories, and the obligations of the licence holder.

The regulation also covers the registration of veterinary medicines and provides details regarding the supply of samples, the examination of the registration application, the classification of veterinary medicines, and the obligations imposed on local and foreign factories.

Finally, the regulation outlines the competences of registration committees, the powers of the ministry to ban or suspend the circulation or import of veterinary medicines, and the procedures for the destruction of violating medicines.

You can read the regulation in full in English on the link below: