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Five Rights Guaranteed by the Omani Constitution

Royal Decree 6/2021 promulgated the Basic Statute of the State i.e. the constitution of Oman. This most recent version of the constitution was promulgated one year after Sultan Haitham’s ascension to the throne and created a legal framework that reaffirms the provisions in the previous constitution, in addition to establishing some key reforms. This blog will highlight five of the most important fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution.

1. The Right to Equal Opportunities  

Article 15 entrenches justice, equality, and equal opportunities among citizens. This aspect of the constitution strengthens national unity as every citizen is guaranteed an equal right to contribute to society. Equality improves the societal structure by fostering family cohesion as women and men have equal opportunities.

2. The Right to Life and Dignity 

Article 18 guarantees the right to life and dignity as the state is committed to respecting and promoting the life and dignity of every citizen which is manifested in other provisions in the constitution as well as other laws in Oman.

3. The Right to Private Life

Article 36 was established as a fundamental right which recognised the right to private life. It is worth noting that this right was not recognised in the previous constitution, and there is evidence that this new provision has resulted in systemic change on the legal system. A year after the promulgation of the new constitution, the Personal Data Protection Law was issued which was the first comprehensive privacy law in Oman.   

4. The Right to Education

Article 16 emphasised the right to education for all citizens, aiming to build character, preserve national identity and foster scientific thinking. Education is a guaranteed right as the primary stage of schooling is compulsory, giving all citizens a sufficient educational foundation.

5. The Right to Personal Freedom  

Article 23 guarantees the right to personal freedom to all citizens. This prohibits arresting, searching, detaining, or imprisoning a human, or limiting his freedom of residence and movement except in accordance with the provisions of the law.

These are a few provisions in the Basic Statute of the State that show some of the rights that are guaranteed by the Omani constitution. I highly advise you to read the full text of this extremely important legal instrument in English and Arabic using the link below: