Treaties Section Launched on Decree

We are launching on Decree today a new section for publishing the full text of treaties ratified by royal decree. 

In Oman, treaties obtain the power of law upon their ratification by royal decree and become directly applicable in a manner identical to domestic legislation. Therefore, they are key legislative instruments that all legal professionals need to access. 

The treaties section on Decree is identical to the treaties section on Qanoon, and has over 600 bilateral and multilateral treaties that Oman has ratified from 1974 onwards in the area of taxation, free trade, investment, environment, human rights, and all other aspects of life.

Treaties uploaded to Decree are tagged by counterparty and topic. This will enable our users to easily view all the treaties signed with, for example, the United Kingdom, or view all the treaties signed in the area of, for example, avoidance of double taxation.

You can also browse all the treaties available on Decree by using the brand new Browse button found on the main page of Decree.