Law Updates

ROP Issues New Vehicle Inspection Controls

ROP published in this week’s issue of the Official Gazette Decision 88/2024 Issuing the Controls for Providing Vehicle Technical Inspection Service which creates a framework for outsourcing Traffic Law related inspection to private sector establishments.

By virtue of this new decision, a private sector establishment wishing to apply for a licence to offer vehicle inspection services must be wholly owned by Omanis, must equip its garages with approved tools, must maintain an electronic database linked to the Directorate General of Traffic, and must employ qualified technicians who adhere to safety standards during inspections.

The controls impose a number of obligations on establishments licensed to offer this service, such as the prohibition against inspection of vehicles involved in accidents or the sale or installation of spare parts to bypass inspection.

Penalties for violating the new controls include warnings, fines of up to 100 Rial Omani (double upon repetition), as well as licence suspension or cancellation.

You can read the text in full in English at the link below: