Law Updates

New MOH Decisions on Social Protection Law Medical Committees

Articles 22 and 23 of the Social Protection Law provide for the creation of a medical committee and a number of medical grievance committees. The medical committee is responsible for licensing health establishments to issue reports for disability assessment, while the grievance committees are responsible for reviewing challenges made to the reports issued by these health establishments.

The Social Protection Law stipulates that the composition and work system of these committees will be determined by a decision by the Minister of Health. Accordingly, the Ministry of Health published in this week’s issue of the Official Gazette Ministerial Decisions 129/2024 and 130/2024 for the medical committee and the medical grievance committee respectively. These two decisions detail the membership structure of each committee (mostly doctors from various specialties in government health entities), the quorum for their meetings, along with other matters.

It is worth noting that these decisions outline the composition structure, but not the actual members of the committees. These will be named in separate decisions.

If you would like to read the two new decisions in full in English, please click on the links below: