Introducing: Decree Risk

We are launching today Decree Risk—a brand new structured database intended to help organisations engaging with Omani businesses manage their risk by providing timely updates on liquidation, capital reduction, legal form transformation, and other risks associated with Omani companies.

Legal departments in banks, telecom and utility companies, and other organisations dealing with large numbers of Omani businesses spend a significant amount of time every week collecting and transcribing risk announcements published in the Official Gazette and daily newspapers to make sure that they lodge their claims to liquidators if one of their debtors goes into liquidation or to make sure that they make a formal objection to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion if their debtors reduce their capital or merge with another company before they pay their debts.

Decree Risk improves the ability of such organisations to recover the money they are owed from their debtors by providing timely and accurate updates on the following risk incidents: (1) Liquidations, (2) Capital Reduction, (3) Legal Form Transformation, and (4) Mergers.

Unlike the majority of content previously published on Decree, Decree Risk is intended to be utilised in a structured machine-readable format such as CSV and Excel to allow organisations to import the data directly into their systems to verify if any of the business they engage with have gone into liquidation or are about to undertake a legal form transformation. Decree also offers Decree Risk through an API to enable organisations to integrate directly with our database and automate the use of Decree Risk data.

Decree Risk is updated on a daily basis within hours of the announcement of the risk incident.

Decree Risk is available free for all Decree users until the end of their current contracts without any additional charges, and will be available afterwards through a bundle subscription.