Intel Update

Intel Update: March 2024

Decree Intel is a database of original Omani legal research material that provides explanatory notesoverviews of government entities, and summaries of Supreme Court cases and MJLA Fatwas.

New Content

Case Summary: Supreme Court (Labour Circuit) 766/2017 (Calculation of Rest in Overtime Work): An employee sued his employer for compensation for unpaid overtime working hours on the basis of two extra hours plus a one-hour break. The Supreme Court held that break time is not calculated as part of unpaid overtime.

The Ministry of Interior: The Ministry of Interior (وزارة الداخلية) is the entity responsible for developing the policies relating to governorates and local affairs, maintaining public order, undertaking matters relating to the international borders of the Sultanate of Oman, governing Omani nationality, governing tribal affairs, managing all kinds of elections, overseeing municipal councils, and governing mediation and conciliation committees.

Case Summary: Supreme Court (Commercial Circuit) Contestation 137/2017 (Grounds for Setting Aside Arbitral Award): The Supreme Court refused to set aside an arbitral award on the grounds that it had defects outside the grounds identified by the Law of Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Disputes, even though these defects would have been grounds to set aside an ordinary court judgment.

Sultan Qaboos University: Sultan Qaboos University (جامعة السلطان قابوس) is the first public and largest university in Oman.