Law Updates

FSA Issues Decision on Emergency Treatment Funding for Visitors

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) issued in today’s Official Gazette a new Decision E/25/2024 Issuing the Governance Regulation for the Account for the Treatment of Visitors in Emergencies. Under this new regulation, visitors to Oman will be able to request a subsidy of up to 5,000 Rial Omani from the government to cover their medical emergencies if they exhaust the limit of their existing health insurance, have an expired health insurance policy, or do not have any health insurance at all.

Visitors must submit the application for this new subsidy to the FSA along with a copy of their visit visa, documented evidence of the emergency health condition, and proof of the inability to cover emergency treatment costs (attested by an embassy or government entity).

This new subsidy will be funded by imposing a new 0.5% fee on every health insurance or travel insurance purchased in Oman. Insurance companies will be required to collect this fee from policy buyers and transfer the money to the government on a quarterly basis.

This new regulation enters into force after 90 days. You can read this decision in full in English at the link below: