Law Updates

Ban of Plastic Shopping Bags

The Environment Authority issued this week Decision 8/2024 Banning the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags as part of the efforts of the government to protect the environment. This decision repeals Decision 23/2020, which previously outright banned all single-use plastic bags.

The newly issued decision provides a more realistic and specific approach to the ban of plastic bags by setting the thickness of banned single-use plastic shopping bags to be less than 50 micrometres. The decision also introduces a time plan for limiting the use of plastic shopping bags across different commercial activities after which the single-use of plastic shopping bags is formally banned. The implementation of this time plan commences on 1 July 2024 for activities such as pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. The plan aims to achieve an environmentally friendly shopping experience that is free of plastic bags by 1 July 2025.

An administrative fine between 50 Rial Omani and 1,000 Rial Omani will be imposed against those who violate the new decision.

You can read the decision in full in English on the link below: