Law Updates

The Tender Board Issues Local Content Regulation

The Tender Board published in today‚Äôs issue of the Official Gazette a brand new Regulation Governing Local Content that requires government entities subject to the Tender Law to impose local content requirements for any contract with a value exceeding 500,000 Rial Omani. The aim of this new regulation is to develop national human resources and to support local products and small and medium enterprises.

Under this new regulation, a government entity will be required to include in any tender with a value exceeding 500,000 Rial Omani any mandatory products that must be used, the mechanism for evaluating local content, and the weight of local content in the financial evaluation of the tender. Tenderers participating in such tenders will now be required to submit a local content plan for the main contract and any subcontracts they may have.

The Tender Board will directly be responsible for setting the local content requirements for any contract with a value exceeding 3,000,000 Rial Omani.

This new regulation is part of the efforts of the Tender Board to reform government procurement, which has included in the previous months a new Consolidated Procurement Regulation and a new Government Projects Regulation.

This new regulation enters into force tomorrow. You can read it in English in full on the link below: