Intel Update

Intel Update: September 2023

Decree Intel is a database of original Omani legal research material that provides explanatory notesoverview of government entities, and summaries of Supreme Court cases and MJLA Fatwas.

New Content

Overview of the Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre: The Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre (مركز عمان للتحكيم التجاري) is an Omani public-interest private entity established in 2018. It provides arbitration, mediation, and conciliation services.

Overview of the Legislative Process in Oman: This document provides an overview of the process for issuing primary legislation (laws) and secondary legislation (regulations) in Oman. Even though the legislative process in Oman is formal and systematic, it is not actually outlined in full in any single legal instrument. The information on this page is collected through personal engagements with the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and from explanatory material published in Arabic on its website.

Overview of Treaties in Oman: The Omani legal system grants treaties the power of law upon their ratification, making them extremely important. This document will provide an overview of treaties, the process under the Omani legal system for joining a treaty, and a highlight of some of the most important treaties that Oman routinely ratifies.

Fatwa Summary: MJLA Fatwa 192717255: The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs (MJLA) deemed that the contractor had no rights under a contract it signed with the government due to the failure to comply with the requirements of Royal Decree 48/76 regarding the Signing of Foreign and Domestic Financial Transactions. The MJLA noted in its fatwa that the contractor can take legal action against individuals in their personal capacity whose actions resulted in the contractor suffering harm.

Updated Content

Overview of the Court System in Oman: This document was updated to reflected the changes made by Royal Decree 63/2023.