Monthly Digest

Decree Monthly Digest – June 2023

Decree Monthly Digest is a summary of the most significant legislation issued in the previous month.


Ten royal decrees were published in June, with the most significant being Royal Decree 40/2023 Promulgating the Law on the Regulation of the Water and Wastewater Sector and Royal Decree 42/2023 Issuing a Licence to Starlink Muscat SPC to Build and Operate a Satellite Communication System. Other noteworthy ones include royal decrees appointing an undersecretary for the Foreign Ministry, a representative to the ASEAN, and a representative to the World Tourism Organization; approving the accession to the GCC rail agreement; approving the concession agreement for Block 21, approving the assignment of the rights and obligations of Block 49; and ratifying a double taxation treaty with Egypt


Thirteen ministerial decisions were published in the Official Gazette during this month, with the most significant ones being MHUP’s decision to amend the controls of the ownership of land and real estate by companies for practising their activity, MOCIIP’s decision to amend the list of activities that are prohibited to be practised by foreign investment, and OPAZ’s decision to determine the fees of the services it provides.


Our blog featured a commentary article by Riyadh Al-Balushi titled “Closed Education: Copyright Provisions in the Omani School Education Law”, two posts by Mohammed Al-Farsi titled “Omani Laws Every Law Graduate Should Know” and “Things You Didn’t Know Were Crimes in Oman”, and two posts by Duniya Al-Nabhani titled “The Omani Constitution: Five Things to Know” and “Key Insights into Your Employment Contract”, along with law updates on MHUP’s decision allowing companies to own residential real estate units in integrated residential compounds and MOCIIP’s decisions to simplify investor procedures and to amend foreign investor prohibited activities.

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