Monthly Digest

Decree Monthly Digest – July 2023

Decree Monthly Digest is a summary of the most significant legislation issued in the previous month.


Twelve royal decrees were published in July, with the most significant being Royal Decree 52/2023 Promulgating the Social Protection Law, and Royal Decree 53/2023 Promulgating the Labour Law. The systems of the entities that will administer the Social Protection Law were also published through Royal Decree 50/2023 Promulgating the System of the Social Protection Fund and Royal Decree 51/2023 Promulgating the System of the Military and Security Services Pension Fund. Other noteworthy royal decrees include Royal Decree 54/2023 Promulgating the Members of Majlis Al-Shura Elections Law, Royal Decree 44/2023 Establishing the Khazaen Economic City and Promulgating Its System, and royal decrees approving exploration and mining concession agreements numbered 46/2023, 47/2023, 48/2023, and 55/2023, and Royal Decree 49/2023 Ratifying the Agreement between the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and the Government of the Republic of Poland on the Mutual Visa Exemption for Holders of Diplomatic, Special, and Service Passports.


Ten ministerial decisions were published in the Official Gazette during this month, with the most significant ones being MOCIIP’s decision on the combatting of concealed trading, MAFW’s decision amending some provisions of the regulation governing wells and aflaj, and OAAAQA’s decision determining the fees for institutional accreditation of higher education establishments with branches.


Our blog featured a commentary article by Yousuf Al-Busaidi titled “Regulating the Waterworks—the New Water and Wastewater Sector Law”, four posts by Mohammed Al-Farsi titled “Oman Joins the GCC Railway Project: An Overview”, “MOL Issues Decision on the Wage Protection System”, “MHUP Amends Decision on the Controls for Allocating Government Land for Public Majlises”, and “The New Joint Dialogue Committee under the Omani Labour Law”, and one post by Dr Riyadh Al-Balushi titled “New Grounds for Terminating Employment Under Omani Labour Law”.

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