Monthly Digest

Decree Monthly Digest – August 2023

Decree Monthly Digest is a summary of the most significant updates on Decree in the previous month.

Decree Intel

Decree Intel was launched providing explanatory notes, overviews of government entities, and summaries of Supreme Court cases and MJLA Fatwas to Decree subscribers. You can learn more about this in our announcement post.

Royal Decrees

No royal decrees were published in the Official Gazette in the month of August.

Ministerial Decisions

Five ministerial decisions were published in the Official Gazette during this month, with the most significant ones being MEM’s Amendment to the Executive Regulation of the Mining Law, MOH’s decision Specifying Medicines that May be Dispensed without a Prescription, EA’s Regulation on Environmental Permits, and SMEDA’s new SME Financing Regulation.


Applications are still open for the Middle East School on Internet Governance co-hosted by Decree.

Blog Updates

Our blog featured two posts by Mohammed Al-Farsi titled “New Omani Labour Law: 5 Employee Rights and 5 Employer Rights” and “Banned Barbie: Censorship Law in Oman“, along with a guest post by Duniya Al-Nabhani titled “Protection of the Rights of the Disabled under Omani Law“, a guest post by Bassam Al-Balushi titled “Biotechnology: Ethical Dilemma and Financial Issues“, a guest post by Adeeb Al-Mazroui titled “Smart Homes and Privacy Risks“, and a guest post by Faris Al-Said titled “Ranked Choice Voting: A Missed Opportunity in the New Shura Elections Law“.

Other News

Decree signed an MOU with the Omani Lawyers Association to provide special subscription rates for small and medium Omani law firms.