Law Updates

CAA Issues New Executive Regulation of the Civil Aviation Law

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new Executive Regulation of the Civil Aviation Law. This regulation is issued pursuant to the new Civil Aviation Law of 2019 and replaces the executive regulation of 2007.

The regulation addresses all stakeholders in the aviation sector including airports, manufacturers, carriers, and passengers. The regulation covers a variety of topics ranging from the requirement for forming a national airspace planning committee, the approval process for establishing airports, the regulation of aerodrome obstacles, the requirements relating to the operation and airworthiness of aircraft, the duties and authorities of the captain of the aircraft, licensing of carriers, exemption from civil aviation fees, and procedures for investigating aviation accidents in line with the Chicago Convention.

The regulation also covers wider topics relating to aviation such as meteorology and the CAA’s obligation to publish a regulation on passenger rights.

You can read the regulation in full in English on the link below: