2023 Wrapped!

The year 2023 was an exciting year for Decree. Decree was formally incorporated, we started our commercial operations, and managed to make available in English every single royal decree and ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette in the year 2023 at a speed and quality never seen before. In fact, we do not believe that in the history of this country had the entire body of Omani legislation of a whole year been ever made available in English before by any person or organisation.

In addition to the content of the Official Gazette, we launched in 2023 Decree Intel, a database of Omani legal research material developed in-house by our team that includes explanatory notes, entity overview reports, and summaries of Supreme Court cases and MJLA fatwas; we also added a brand new section for unpublished Circulars issued by the Central Bank of Oman and the Capital Market Authority; and we re-launched our Newsletter in a brand new format.

Qanoon also had major developments in 2023 as the website had its first major redesign since its launch in 2015, we also launched a new section for MJLA fatwas, and digitised hundreds of Supreme Court cases that are now fully searchable on Qanoon.

In the area of capacity building and community engagement, we collaborated with the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Omantel, and Sultan Qaboos University to host a variety of events, including hosting the Middle East School of Internet Governance, an event that had never been hosted in Oman.

As we start the year 2024, we look forward to further serving the legal community in Oman and beyond. Stay tuned for announcements in the upcoming days on some projects planned for this year!