Monthly Digest

Decree Monthly Digest – June 2022

Decree Monthly Digest is a summary of the most significant royal decrees and laws issued in the previous month.

The month of June was the busiest month this year so far in terms of royal decrees with 24 royal decrees issued in a single month covering a change in the membership of the Council of Ministers, a restructuring of the judiciary, the promulgation of two new laws, the amendment of three laws, and more. The highlights of these royal decrees are as follows:

Royal Decree 34/2022 Recomposing the Council of Ministers

The new composition of the Council of Ministers includes a replacement of the Minister of Energy and Minerals, the Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs, and the Minister of Health. The Council of Ministers also no longer includes the Governors of Muscat, Dhofar, and Musandam as cabinet members.

Royal Decree 35/2022 Regarding the Governance of the Administration of Judicial Affairs

This royal decree implemented a major restructuring of the judiciary that includes abolishing the Administrative Court and moving the Public Prosecution to be subordinate to the Supreme Judicial Council. You can learn more about this by reading our blog post on Overhauling the Judiciary.

Royal Decree 36/2022 Promulgating the System of Governorates

The System of Governorates aims to empower governorates across the country to manage their own affairs while being subordinate to the Minister of Interior. This system repeals the Governorates and Municipal Affairs System issued in 2020.

Royal Decree 38/2022 Amending Some Provisions of the Municipal Councils Law

This royal decree introduces amendments to the Municipal Councils Law clarifying the responsibilities of these councils in light of the changes to the System of Governorates and the newly redefined competences of the Ministry of Interior.

Royal Decree 46/2022 Promulgating the Securities Law

The brand new Securities Law repeals the majority of the contents of the Capital Market Law and aims to ensure the regulation of securities trading in a manner that is fair, competitive, and transparent. You can read this law in full on this link.

Royal Decree 51/2022 Amending Some Provisions of the Law of Public Notaries and Royal Decree 52/2022 Amending Some Provisions of the Records and Archives Law

These two royal decrees introduce amendments to the Law of Public Notaries and the Records and Archives Law, but the text of the amendments is not available yet as they will be published on Sunday next week.

Royal Decree 53/2022 Regarding the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates

This royal decree moved PEIE from being supervised by the Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion to being supervised by the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones.