Decree Launches Ministerial Decisions Index

It has been less than eight months since Decree was launched, and it has already become the definitive source for accessing Omani laws and royal decrees in English. However, even though Decree is the biggest English language index and repository of Omani legislation available anywhere, the reality remains that Decree has only provided access to a portion of Omani legislation, namely, primary legislation in the form of royal decrees and laws.

As our users are fully aware, primary legislation provides only the general legal principles of the law, while the technical details are found in secondary legislation issued through ministerial decisions. These decisions are issued separately from royal decrees and at a later time.

Today, we are taking the first step at addressing this gap in our content by launching a complete English language index of all ministerial decisions published in the Official Gazette from 1972 onwards, which brings up the total of titles found on Decree to over 9,000 royal decrees, ministerial decisions, and treaties.

At this moment, the ministerial decisions section of Decree is merely an index that provides access to the original Arabic version along with a machine translated version generated using Google Translate service. This, of course, is only a temporary situation as we experiment with translating key ministerial decisions as they come out, and hopefully eventually provide a full translation of all new ministerial decisions immediately upon their publication.

You can navigate our ministerial decisions index by browsing the Ministerial Decision Section, by using Decree’s search engine, and by navigating through the tags found under each ministerial decision.